AL-KHARAJ: The Journal of Islamic Economics, Finance & Business is a scientific journal published by the Center for Research and Strategic Studies (PRKS) of the Institute of Islamic Religion (IAI) National Laa Roiba Bogor. This journal contains scientific papers from academics, researchers and practitioners in research on Islamic economic, financial and business issues.

AL-KHARAJ: The Journal of Islamic Economics, Finance & Business published twice a year every April and October. The paper published is the original script and has a research base on economic and financial. The scope of the papaer is include several studies but is not limited to the following study:

  • Economics
  • Sharia Economics
  • Finance
  • Islamic Finance
  • Business
  • Sharia Business
  • Management
  • Sharia Management
  • Syariah banking
  • Halal industry
  • Financial industry
  • Thus, we invite academics, researchers and practitioners to participate in submitting their work in this journal.

E-ISSN 2656-4351 ISSN Print 2656-2871 

Published: 2020-03-03