Peran Fasilitas dan Mutu Pelayanan terhadap Keputusan Menginap pada Hotel Zest Jemursari Surabaya

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Rusdi Hidayat
Acep Samsudin
Andri Rizal Setiawan
Fitri Maharani Andamdewi
Lilyana Fransiska Sinaga
Melinda Wahyuning Putri
Raniasani Sisyawati



The purpose of this study was to determine the role of facilities and service quality on customer decisions to spend the night at Zest Hotel Jemursari Surabaya. The hotel is part of the service market that provides services to consumers. This research is motivated by the large number of hotels in Surabaya which are not matched by the increase in the number of visitors or tourists that should be. So this can affect the number of guests staying overnight at Surabaya hotels. Hotel service providers must prepare the best strategy to attract customers, because there are new hotels, customers have many other choices. Zest Hotel Jemursari Surabaya is a hotel that is involved in and affected by this imbalance problem. This type of research includes qualitative research. The research subjects were employees of the Zest Jemursari Hotel Surabaya as information distributors. Collecting data in this study using interview methods and in-depth observation. The data analysis method applied is the method of observation, literature study, interviews, and the conclusions obtained. This study proves that facilities and service quality performance have a significant effect on consumer decisions to stay at Hotel Zest Jemursari Surabaya.

Keywords: Service Marketing, Facilities, Service Quality, Consumer Decisions


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HidayatR., SamsudinA., SetiawanA. R., AndamdewiF. M., SinagaL. F., PutriM. W., & SisyawatiR. (2023). Peran Fasilitas dan Mutu Pelayanan terhadap Keputusan Menginap pada Hotel Zest Jemursari Surabaya. El-Mal: Jurnal Kajian Ekonomi & Bisnis Islam, 4(5), 1220-1229.

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