Shopee Pay Later Sebagai Metode Pembayaran Menurut Fiqh Muamalah

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Imam Kamaluddin
Yassinta Fitria Ramadhanty
Mulyono Jamal


In the modern era, technology has greatly facilitated human activities, especially in online buying and selling activities in a market place. Shopee is a market place that provides buying and selling activities, and in it there are several payment methods, one of the payment methods is shopee pay later. And shopee pay later can be said to be a payment using the installment or credit method made by the user of the relevant shopee account and market place. Some scholars say permissible for several reasons. This study aims to determine the law of shopee pay later as a payment method according to fiqh muamalah. The research method used is descriptive qualitative research with a normative approach, namely by approaching the problem based on Islamic law or Islamic fiqh. The results of this study are that the pay later feature has the concept of buy now pay later. In the pay later method, there are two contracts, namely qardh and ijarah. According to the scholars who allow it, this sale and purchase includes buying and selling istijrar and is permissible because there is a clear contract agreement or as long as the price is certain or known. And there is also an opinion, that shopee pay later is more towards a murabaha contract. And the conclusion of this study is that the payment method using the shopee pay later method is permissible in fiqh muamalah. This is supported by several opinions of scholars who allow the shopee pay later

 Keywords: E-Commerce, Pay Later, Credit


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KamaluddinI., RamadhantyY., & JamalM. (2022). Shopee Pay Later Sebagai Metode Pembayaran Menurut Fiqh Muamalah. El-Mal: Jurnal Kajian Ekonomi & Bisnis Islam, 4(4), 1055-1062.
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Imam Kamaluddin, Fakultas Syariah, Universitas Darussalam Gontor Ponorogo