Perkembangan Tingkat Pengangguran Terbuka di Indonesia Pasca Covid-19

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Siti Nurhalisa
²Aidila Syafitri
Salman Al-Faridzi
Sari Wulandari




High unemployment rate is a fundamental problem in employment in Indonesia. This incident was caused by a new workforce that was much larger than the increase in employment opportunities. This means that the available jobs do not meet the level of labor in Indonesia. Thus causing a high unemployment rate. Unemployment is a problem for countries with high population growth rates, such as Indonesia. Unemployment can also affect the level of the Indonesian economy. This study uses a type of library research. Bibliography research (library research) is research that is carried out by using a bibliography (library) in the form of books, memos, and information from previous research results. On the other hand, the procedures used are stories and analysis. In addition, this study used a descriptive analysis method, where the data came from secondary data available from BPS data (Central Bureau of Statistics). The sample used in this research is unemployment in Indonesia with a scale of the last 10 years. According to the data on the number of unemployed and working residents above, it shows that the highest number of unemployed people in August 2020 was the largest in the last 9 years. Meanwhile, the percentage value of the working population in August 2020 was the lowest value in the last 9 years.

Keywords: Unemployment, BPS, Covid-19


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NurhalisaS., Syafitri²., Al-FaridziS., & WulandariS. (2023). Perkembangan Tingkat Pengangguran Terbuka di Indonesia Pasca Covid-19. El-Mal: Jurnal Kajian Ekonomi & Bisnis Islam, 4(5), 1322-1329.