Gastrodiplomasi Indonesia di Sasanuphatum Thailand sebagai Bisnis Internasional

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Dita Sulianita
Muhammad Qorib


As a driving force for public diplomacy, the concept of food diplomacy as soft power is the choice of many countries, especially Indonesia. This research discusses the Diaspora restaurant co-branding program as part of efforts to implement gastronomic diplomacy in Indonesia using an emphasis on Thailand. using qualitative methods and types of narrative analysis research, this study aims to examine the role of state and non-state actors in the development of Indonesian East Asian diplomacy and whether the results achieved with the implementation of East Asian diplomacy in Indonesia's foreign policy can be improved. The recommendation is that a national strategy with a holistic approach is needed to maximize the success of Indonesia's food diplomacy in the world, especially in Thailand.

Keywords: Gastrodiplomacy, Public Diplomacy.


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