Author Guidelines

General requirements

  1. The Al-Kharaj Journal accepts manuscript articles / scientific papers both individuals and study groups from within and outside the IAI National Laa Roiba.
  2. Topics can be general in nature as far as the area of ​​Islamic economics, finance, management and business is concerned. However, the Editorial Board of the Al-Kharaj Journal has the right to select its eligibility.
  3. Submission of manuscripts can be sent online through Each writer is welcome to register first through the website.
  4. The deadline for submitting manuscripts is at the beginning of January (for the publication of odd numbers in March) and early August (for the publication of even numbers in September)


Writing Format

  1. Artel is written in MS Word or OpenOffice with RTF format, Cambria font, size 10, space 1.15, maximum 15 pages A4.
  2. Articles are written in Indonesian or English using standard language writing rules. Each article begins with an abstract in at least two languages ​​(Indonesian, English, Arabic).
  3. Systematics consists of: Title, Abstract, Introduction (Background, Problem Formation, Research Objectives), Research Methods, Results & Discussion, Conclusions and Suggestions, Bibliography, If in the form of studies consisting of: Abstract, Introduction, Urgency of Study, Discussion, Conclusion, Bibliography. The bibliography is written with the APA standard (Last Name, First Name, Year Issued. Title of book / manuscript. City Publisher: Publisher Name)


Editorial Authority

  1. Editors have the right to select and edit as needed for the submitted article script
  2. Manuscripts examined by the Editorial Board and deemed necessary to be corrected will be sent back to the author to be fixed with a certain deadline.