Analisis Efektivitas Pendaftaran Calon Nasabah Baru pada PT Asuransi Jiwa Syariah Bumiputera Cabang Medan

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Fitri Rorizki
Yusrizal Yusrizal


Bumiputera Sharia Life Insurance is a privately owned company engaged in Life Insurance. The existence of insurance today is not a foreign thing for the world community. See the development of this insurance. make the existence of information systems difficult to ignore. Prospective customer registration system at PT. Bumiputera Syariah Life Insurance uses two systems, namely a manual registration system and an online registration system. While in the manual system, namely by writing data on prospective customers on the Life Insurance Application Letter form. This is considered less effective and efficient in supporting work productivity in the company. In this problem, the idea emerged in the form of a proposal to provide information and input in the process of registering new prospective customers who can use online and manual systems that can be useful for prospective customers to register for life insurance applications without having to come directly to the company. By implementing an online-based system in the prospective customer registration process, it will certainly make it easier for prospective customers to register. In this development, of course, a model is needed that can help analyze the online system. The existence of a prospective customer registration system through an online-based system is expected to make it easier for prospective customers who want to register themselves in insurance without having to go directly to the insurance company. also makes it easier for administrators to manage prospective customer data. And the registration process is made easier, faster and more accurate.

Keywords: Information Analysis, Registration, Bumiputera Sharia Life Insurance, Manual, Online



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RorizkiF., & YusrizalY. (2022). Analisis Efektivitas Pendaftaran Calon Nasabah Baru pada PT Asuransi Jiwa Syariah Bumiputera Cabang Medan. El-Mal: Jurnal Kajian Ekonomi & Bisnis Islam, 4(2), 364–374.

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