Peran DPRD Dalam Pelaksanaan Bantuan Sosial terhadap Masyarakat Sumut

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Riza Nabila
Mawaddah Irham



Social assistance is providing something that is not continuous and selective in the form of money or goods to the community which aims to improve the welfare and even prosperity of the surrounding community. In the distribution of social assistance, DPRD has an obligation to account for it in accordance with applicable regulations. The purpose of the study was to find out how the role of DPRD in implementing social assistance in the field. This study used descriptive qualitative method. The data collection technique used is through interviews or interviews. The role of parliament in implementation of social assistance carried out by DPRD-SU has been carried out well, but has not been maximized as a whole. The inhibiting factors are weak coordination, lack of data collection that is not right on target and the distribution of social assistance funds is not simultaneous or comprehensive.

Keywords: social assistance, the role of parliament


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NabilaR., & IrhamM. (2023). Peran DPRD Dalam Pelaksanaan Bantuan Sosial terhadap Masyarakat Sumut. El-Mal: Jurnal Kajian Ekonomi & Bisnis Islam, 4(5), 1491-1501.

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