Pengaruh Inklusi Keuangan dan Bank Syariah terhadap Kemiskinan di Indonesia

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Ayu Maulidina
M. Kholil Nawawi
Abrista Devi



Indonesia's Muslim population is 229 million, which only accounts for 6.18% of the Islamic banking market share in national finance. This is evidenced by the fact that 92 million adults in Indonesia do not have access to financial or banking services. Compared to other ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, the low life expectancy of the Indonesian people shows that Islamic finance is not yet so inclusive. This study is here to determine the effect of Financial Inclusion on Poverty in Indonesia and to determine the effect of Islamic Banks on Poverty in Indonesia. This study uses an associative quantitative research type, using the variable Financial Inclusion (Islamic Bank Third Party Funds) and the variable Islamic Bank (Islamic Banking Financing) to find out whether there is an effect of these variables on the dependent variable, namely Poverty (Amount of Poverty). The data collected is secondary data and time series data. In this study using panel data regression method which is processed using Eviews 9. The findings in this study are: First, Financial Inclusion is not significant to Poverty Second, Islamic Banks are significant to Poverty. 1.) It is recommended to be able to provide new product variants in order to reach the potential of the community who have not been reached by Islamic financial inclusion and Islamic financing 2.) It is recommended that this research can be used as a material consideration when making strategies for Financial Inclusion, Islamic Banking, and Poverty so that can have more impact on the wider community 3.) It is recommended to be able to use other indicators of the variables that the author uses so that they are more varied so that we can all reach the inclusiveness of Islamic finance in Indonesia.

 Keywods: Financial Inclusion, Islamic Banks, Poverty, Panel Data Regression, and Eviews 9.




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MaulidinaA., NawawiM. K., & DeviA. (2022). Pengaruh Inklusi Keuangan dan Bank Syariah terhadap Kemiskinan di Indonesia. El-Mal: Jurnal Kajian Ekonomi & Bisnis Islam, 4(4), 908-927.

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