Dampak Covid-19 Terhadap Minat Nasabah Pada Produk Gadai Emas Syariah (Rahn) di BPRS Amanah Ummah

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Rizal Fatalbari
M. Kholil Nawawi
Sutisna Sutisna


The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the whole world has had a huge impact on the economy. Household consumption and the fulfillment of basic needs are a problem in the midst of restrictions on social mobility and rampant cases of layoffs. Emergency funds as a fulfillment of needs become important in the midst of a situation of uncertainty about a crisis that will never end. Pawn transactions are a way to get cash by mortgaging their belongings. The rahn contract already exists at BPRS Amanah Ummah and is practiced to help customers in particular and the public in general to obtain direct funds in accordance with sharia principles. This research is a qualitative research that aims to find out whether Covid-19 affects customer interest in sharia gold pawn products and what factors affect customer interest in sharia gold pawn products (rahn) in the Covid-19 era at BPRS Amanah Ummah. Money data collection techniques used are interviews, documentation, questionnaires and observations. The employees of BPRS Amanah Ummah and customers who made pawn transactions became research respondents. The results showed that the covid-19 pandemic caused a decrease in the number of customers. Gold pawn customer data calculated from before and after Covid-19 stated that in 2019-2020 the total pawn customers were 7068 and from 2020-2021 as many as 6960 there was a decrease of 108 gold pawn customers. The economic factor is one of the most important factors in using the pawn services available at the Amanah Ummah BPRS. Economic factors include economic needs or economic problems that hit customers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This economic factor can be seen by the economic problems it causes that still affect the motives that determine the customer's decision to pawn the goods.


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FatalbariR., NawawiM. K., & SutisnaS. (2021). Dampak Covid-19 Terhadap Minat Nasabah Pada Produk Gadai Emas Syariah (Rahn) di BPRS Amanah Ummah. El-Mal: Jurnal Kajian Ekonomi & Bisnis Islam, 2(3), 235-244. https://doi.org/10.47467/elmal.v2i3.621

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