Analisis Mekanisme dan Penerapan Akad pada Pembiayaan Kepemilikan Emas: Studi Pada Bank BJB Syariah Cabang Pajajaran

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Teguh Gunawan
Ahmad Mulyadi Kosim
Sutisna Sutisna


Gold is becoming an attractive commodity as an investment option in the future. Gold is also an item with a high demand and many benefits ranging from asset protection, precautionary interests, Hajj savings needs, and investments. Islamic banks then see this potential by providing gold ownership financing products. The financing of gold ownership can be accommodated by Islamic banks. Purchases with the installment method can be done and become an alternative way for people to be able to invest in gold commodities. Gold becomes attractive on the basis of the consideration that gold is an object that has a value that tends to be stable so that it can be useful as a protector of property from the risk of inflation. This study uses qualitative research with a qualitative descriptive approach. The data collection technique used is the interview and documentation method. Interviews were conducted with BJB Syariah Bank Pajajaran Branch. The results showed that the mechanism and application of the contract on gold ownership financing products at the Pajajaran branch of BJB Syariah Bank generally involved third parties as suppliers who provided goods in the form of gold which became the object of the transaction. The contracts used in this product are Murabahah and Rahn contracts, Murabahah contracts for gold ownership financing products at Bank BJB Syariah Pajajaran Branch, namely for buying and selling gold between customers and BJB Syariah banks with agreed agreements and margins. While the rahn contract is for storing gold until a predetermined time.

Keywords: Gold Ownership Financing, Murabahah Contract, Rahn Contract


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GunawanT., KosimA., & SutisnaS. (2021). Analisis Mekanisme dan Penerapan Akad pada Pembiayaan Kepemilikan Emas:. El-Mal: Jurnal Kajian Ekonomi & Bisnis Islam, 3(2), 334-346.

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