Penerapan Etika Bisnis Islam Dalam Transaksi Jual Beli di Pasar Tradisional: Studi Kasus  Pasar Leuwiliang, Kab. Bogor

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Nurul Tari Rahmawati
Mulyadi Kosim
Sutisna Sutisna



Traditional market is a place that is able to bring together sellers and buyers to transact directly, which provides daily needs. When compared to super markets or other large stores that also provide basic needs, traditional markets have advantages that can be seen from the availability of much more complete materials at prices that are certainly more affordable. When viewed from an Islamic perspective, the application of business ethics is a key or important point for traders to be successful. But unfortunately, not many people know about the proper application of business ethics based on Islamic law. Seeing these problems is certainly a great interest to study more deeply about the application of Islamic business ethics in buying and selling transactions that take place in traditional markets. The place that will later become the location of data collection is the Leuwiliang market. The lack of public understanding, especially traders, regarding the existence of business ethics and Islamic business ethics in the world of trade is certainly a big one. This could be based on several factors. Starting from selfishness or self-greed, the influence of the surroundding environment, and the lack of literacy from traders. Some people may already understand that it is not only office workers who have the rules, but also traders. Especially if the world of trade is with Islamic values. This study uses a qualitative method by conducting interviews with traders and buyers in the Leuwiliang Traditional market. The results show that certain traders and buyers already know about Islamic Business Ethics, but in practice there are still a handful of perpetrators who commit fraud such as lacking scales, hoarding goods, and monopolizing trade in the market. So it means, the application of Islamic Business Ethics has not been fully implemented in the Leuwiliang Traditional market.

 Keywords: Traditional Markets, Islamic Business Ethics, Traders, Buyers.


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RahmawatiN. T., KosimM., & SutisnaS. (2022). Penerapan Etika Bisnis Islam Dalam Transaksi Jual Beli di Pasar Tradisional:. El-Mal: Jurnal Kajian Ekonomi & Bisnis Islam, 4(4), 894-907.

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